To contact any of the committee or activity leaders, please call the Parish Office at (845) 896-9884 or email trinityfishkill@verizon.net.

Parish Leadership

Trinity Parish is blessed with skilled and dedicated leaders who guide and encourage widespread participation in the mission of our church, its worship, Christian education, outreach programs, upkeep of the property, and social activities and events. Parishioners are encouraged to be leaders of various committees and activities that make worship and mission possible. It is important to the life of the community that individuals discern how they might contribute their skills as leaders at Trinity.

In an official capacity, the "custody, control and administration of temporalities" of Trinity parish is given to the vestry as the board of trustees of the corporation. The vestry is composed of nine elected members of the congregation, two elected wardens who are chosen at the parish annual meeting, and the rector. The parish also has a clerk of the vestry and a parish treasurer. These positions are elected by the vestry. The vestry also appoints a vestry secretary.

2014 Vestry Members:
The Rev. Jean Campbell, Rector
Steven Blanks, Warden
Hance Huston, Warden
Bob Beattie
Wayne Bunker
Ken Gross
Mary Hendricks
Michelle Iacuessa
Jeanne Mierzwa
Connie Smith

Treasurer: Keith LaBorde
Clerk of the Vestry: Connie Smith
Vestry Secretary: Linda Herrera

Committees and Activities Leaders:

Acolytes - Nancy Lecker

Altar Guild - Marilyn Sullivan

Alms Counters - Mary Kalan

Buildings & Grounds - Connie Smith, Wayne Bunker

Rector's Forum - The Rev. Jean Campbell

Christian Formation

Church School - Deana Hartung
J2A - Pam Bunker, Diana LaBorde, The Rev. Jean Campbell

Coffee Hour - Parish Office

Columbarium - Deborah Hillard

Communications - Hance Huston, Ken Gross

Eucharistic Ministers - Mary Kalan

Food Pantry - June MacInnes, Mary Kalan

Historian - Irene Zito, Shirley Bergmann (Emerita)

Intercessory Prayer - Bob & Fran Beattie

Lectors - Mary Kalan

New Member Welcome - Ken Gross

Mission Outreach - Jeanne Mierzwa

Relay For Life - Pam Bunker
Easter Food Baskets - J2A Group
Thanksgiving Food Baskets - Jeanne Mierzwa
Trinity Haiti Health Program - Deb Hillard, Pam Bunker
Trinity Partnership with Vassar Haiti Project - Lila & Andrew Meade

Parish Life - Connie Smith, Michelle Iacuessa

Pastoral Care - The Rev. Jean Campbell

Rummage Sales - Mary Kalan, Linda Wood, Rosemarie Waian

Stewardship - Steven Blanks, Wayne Bunker

Ushers - Mary Kalan

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